Podium Presentations and E-Poster Theater

Podium Presentations

Looking to gain experience speaking to an international audience? Selected poster abstracts authors will have the opportunity to present their abstract during a dedicated poster presentation session on Wednesday, September 27. 

Each selected oral abstract will be allotted 15 minutes: 12 minutes should be dedicated to the presentation and about 2-3 minutes will be allotted to questions and answers with the audience.

E-Poster Theater

Gain a new experience and earn recognition for your presentation by applying to present your digitized poster in the E-Poster Theater. Presenters will be selected based on their abstract’s relevance to the plenary lectures for each day:

  • Transporters
  • Drug Metabolism or Drug Toxicity
  • Immunotherapy/CAR-T Therapy or Biological Therapeutics


Selections for the Podium Presentations and E-Poster Theater will be made in early August 2017. Selected authors will be contacted by email.