Become a Part of the Global Xenobiotics Community

The International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX) is the premier scientific organization for researchers interested in the metabolism and disposition of xenobiotics. ISSX was formed in 1981 when a small group of scientists, brought together during the 1970's under the aegis of the Gordon Research Conferences on Drug Metabolism, created an international society to promote the interaction of scientists dedicated to the study of xenobiotics in living systems. 

ISSX is one of the largest scientific societies dedicated to investigating the metabolism and disposition of chemicals in biological systems. The Society’s activities are relevant to all aspects of drug development and toxicology worldwide. The strength of the organization is its international nature as well as the breadth of the membership’s interests. 

The study of xenobiotics (medicinal drugs, agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals, environmental contaminants and other exogenous substances) encompasses the introduction into, distribution and transport throughout, interactions with and elimination of these compounds from biological systems. The studies on xenobiotics include the rates and extents of the processes and the biological consequences.

Regular Member

Any professional who is involved in research, teaching and/or public service and whose activities are related to the study of xenobiotics is eligible for membership provided that he/she supports the goals and objectives of the Society as set forth in the Constitution and By-Laws. Annual membership dues will be determined by the Council of the Society and must be paid on a continuing basis unless the member submits a written resignation. 

ISSX recognizes the considerable benefit that scientists from disadvantaged nations can gain from our Society. Please click here to see if you are able to renew your ISSX membership at a discounted member rate. 

Student/Postdoc in Training

ISSX encourages students to join the Society in the earliest stages of their training. Any graduate or postgraduate student or postdoctoral scientist who is involved in advanced training in any area related to the study of Xenobiotics is eligible for student membership under the following conditions:

  • Student membership is available while in training. 
  • The name and email address of the applicant's research advisor or department head must be provided on the application or on each annual renewal application form.
  • Student Members have all the rights and benefits of full membership except that they are not eligible for elective office in the Society.