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Selecting the Best Lacrosse Head

It is a good idea to buy your shaft and head separately. This allows you to get the perfect combination and the best performance. More to that, you will be able to choose a head and shaft which compliment your playing position, level of experience, playing style and budget. In this article, we are going to guide you on how to choose the best lacrosse heads for your shaft. Read on.

Parts of the Lacrosse Head


These are the edges outside the head which are used to thread the rope. Flexibility is the biggest factor you should look at in the sidewalls. The more flexible the head, the lighter it is and the better it is for picking balls on the ground. If you are a beginner aim for a head with flexible sidewalls. Stiffer heads, on the other hand, are heavy, and they are best if used by defense players.


The pockets of the stick affect performance as well. Wider pockets are best for newbies and players in the defense because they make it easy to catch the ball. If you have been in the field for long or you play in the attacker’s position, narrower pockets will work for you because they are more comfortable to hold and give accuracy.

We also have the strung or unstrung pockets. Meaning that in some cases, you will be required to feed the string on yourself to create the net used to hold and catch the ball. In other situations, the heads are available as pre-strung which are best for new players who do not have the skills to customize their pockets.

Last but not least, different materials are used to make the pockets. We have some made from mesh, which are best for the goalies. We also have woven pockets. The depth of the pockets is another thing to look at. Deeper pockets enhance the feel and control of the ball; however, they make releasing a challenge.


As the name suggests, this is the part used to scoop balls on the floor. In addition to that, it is in the scoop where passes and shots leave the pocket. Their drop and width characterize the scoop. The drop is the dip at the center and the more dramatic it is, the better shots you will make. Flat scoops are ideal for hovering the ball up the ground.…

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