Besides acne, dry, flaky skin has been a problem as well for some people. They can be caused by so many factors, such as a cold place, using the wrong skincare products, or perhaps little to none of the skincare routine on the face or certain body parts. Here we have listed several ways on how to deal with flaky skin, especially on your face and scalp, since other dry body parts can always be handled by a lotion, make sure to read this article to find out more.

bathAlways start with warm water

We understand that taking a shower of cold water in the morning is a torturous regimen, and perhaps you’re thinking to use hot water instead. But the thing about hot water is that it strips away your natural oil barrier, which keeps your skin smooth and moist. Our tip is to take a shower with warm water, and don’t linger too long in the shower; a quick 5-10 minutes of a warm shower is enough.

Tip: don’t scrub your body when you’re trying to dry yourself, gently pat with your towel to keep the moisture in and proceed with your moisturizing skin care products.

moistFor the face, use moisturizer

A dry, flaky face can be caused due to lack of moisture in your face, a simple tip to combat this is to use moisturizer. Make sure to look for a moisturizer that contains aloe vera as it is one of the main ingredients to combat dryness. Sunscreen can also be added if you’re planning to be outside for an extended period, so make sure to slather those SPF 30’s on your face before you go out.

Tip: if you have oily skin, make sure to look for ‘lightweight’ moisturizer or those that are made especially for oily skin to prevent breakouts.

For the hair, change your shampoo

A dry, flaky scalp can be a sign of your shampoo not suited to your scalp, opt for another shampoo instead. Anti-dandruff shampoo might be too dry for your scalp, so you might want to try a shampoo that moisturizes or contains honey or olive oil. Make sure to scrub gently, as a harsh scrub will cause your scalp to hurt, which causes the more flaky skin to come off in the future.

Tip: another tip that you can try is to add few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo, as tea tree can combat with dry skin.