At Blue Buffalo, we have been helping pet owner around the world with tips on how to care for their pets for some time now. The most loved pets are cats and dogs because they are friendlier to humans and they benefit us too in numerous ways. For instance, if you have a cat in your home, trust me you will never see rats around. Also, dogs help us to know that a stranger has just arrived in your compound. Apart from this, these animals make our lives happy because they are gentle and loving to their masters. A lot of pet owners find solace in petting their animals when they are in a depression. And because of the love, we have towards our pets especially dogs; we often desire to take them with us wherever we. Imagine a whole week without seeing your dog. It can be even more traumatizing for the dog itself. So it can be a good idea if we travel with our dogs. To have the best experience while you are traveling with your dog. According to, here are some of the things to do when you are about to travel with your dog.

Plan Ahead

Always plan ahead and by finding destinations that are friendly to animals. You cannot go a concert with your dog. So make sure you choose the right places to take your dog. If you are going for a vacation and you want to take your dog with you, make sure you call the management of the hotel whether or not they accept pet in their premises. Some libraries have animal cages, so you can put your dog inside and once you are through with your studying you can have a good time together with your dog on your way back home.


Meal and Water

If you are going form some thirty minutes, there is no need to carry your dog’s food. But if you are going for like three hours, make sure you feed your dog with food and carry some water. When you are going to place for let us say a day, and you are back, it is good to carry the dog’s food that is enough for the entire time.

Potty Breaks

Just like any other living thing, dogs require potty breaks. Make sure you know when it wants to relieve itself. Whether it is a short journey or long, purpose to carry with you some poop bags. Your dog must be clean after unleashing its waste. The waste does not disappear magically. You should dispose of carefully.



Make sure you have the dog bowl for keeping the dog at one point in the car. Dogs can be distractive especially if they like playing with you all the time. Keeping it restricted by a safety belt will help you to put all your attention on the road. At times your dog if not restricted it can jump and lick you on your neck or ear unexpectedly. You may get tickled by its aggressiveness and find yourself breaking traffic rules or even causing an accident.